Things You Should Know About Invisible Pet Fences

Innotek’s complex and benign application for fencing pets allows delimiting the ground where the puppy can move without other physical barriers. Ideal for getting in or out of the car inside the house without a pet escaping. With this invisible pet fences, you can protect flowerbeds and pools and prevent your pet from entering high-risk areas.

The device consists of a receiver collar attached to the wiring and a dog that delimits the space where the dog can move freely. When your dog approaches the point where the wire is located, the collar emits a beep, preventing your puppy from moving.

invisible fences

Fundamental Knowledge

This benign pet fencing system is completely harmless. It does not cause physical pain to the dog wearing the collar or the person unrolling the wire, as it is only a frequency transmitter. In this way, the safety of family members is guaranteed.

The application of the benign pet fence is installed with a simple assembly. The wire can be placed anywhere. It can also be hidden from view or in the middle of the street. It can induce traffic areas that do not emit any frequency so that the dog can move freely on the wire.

They are offered in two versions with multiple power levels, depending on their ability to detect a wire from 400 or 1000 meters. The choice of action is elastic. Both versions, regardless of power and range, include 150 meters of wire. The benign pet fencing program contains three levels of stimulation to adapt to your pet’s behavior. Its overall design will satisfy even the most demanding pet owner thanks to details such as collar stress reminder, ideal performance indicators, or the new collar safety lock system.

Benefits pet fences

It automated safety barriers to limit the space of the simple installation. It is ideal for getting in or out of the car without the dog running away. It can protect your garden from any harness. Besides, it delimits the property that provides a safer barrier to the animals. Therefore, this kind of fences are harmless for the animals and humankind.

The Instructions

The wire can be placed anywhere. It can also be buried so that it does not appear or get in the way. Also, there is a new safety locking system on the collar to adjust the signal range. All 400-meter units will give the transmitter enough power to transmit and locate the signal from the 400-meter cable. With 1000 meter units, the transmitter can transmit and find the movement from the 1000 meter cable. With 1000 meters of line, you can close a square area where each side measures 250 meters. If the place you want to delimit is larger, you will probably ask us to buy an additional cable or buy the equivalent cable meters you need in almost all electricity stores.

The land assigned to your puppy will be marked off with a cable from a frequency transmitter. The line can be laid anywhere. It can also be buried so that it does not appear to be in the way or get in the way.

Your puppy will wear a training collar. When your dog approaches the point where the wire is, the collar will beep to prevent your puppy from planning. Remember that the dog should not wear the collar for more than 12 hours a day. It may create the thread areas that do not radiate, allowing your puppy to move freely on the thread. On the first few occasions, some flags will be placed to help him understand his boundaries. After the puppy finds them, they pull.

In case you need to make a pass for the puppy, the thread should be bent over itself. For example, if you want to cover a 10-meter door so that the animal you depend on can get in, the wire will smell Z-shaped, which means you need 10 meters to get to the other side, 10 meters to go back, and another 10 meters to go further.